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This is a mediawiki, a resource, a `wikipedia` for the practice known as `free improvisation in music` and associated art forms and genres.

The `wiki` enables or supports the theme `to share, exchange and collaborate` by providing a singular place for the sharing of; data, information, glossary of terms, a lexicon, and act as a basic a-z of this data and information.

Many subjects and topics will have a presence in the global `Wikipedia` in this instance this `Improvisers' Networks Online Mediawiki` will provide a link to the wikipedia article. This wiki will not duplicate `wikipedia content, there will still be an entry and this wiki will add quick-links to known external links e.g. a musicians personal website.

This mediawiki address the aims & objectives of the project, that maybe viewed at the main website aims & objectives statementit can facilitate or deliver the following

The sharing of knowledge. The sharing of data and information. The listing of resources. The listing of terms and definitions used. The listing of a timeline, who, what where & when

[ more citation required & desired ]

External links

Improvisers' Networks Website: [ aims and objectives ]

P Morton September 2017