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Frakture, promoted free improvisation in music, as a promoter between 1997 to 2014 in the Merseyside region of the United Kingdam in the city of Liverpool

It brought a diverse range of engaging artists to the Frakture stage, national, international and local artists have engaged in a music that is not composed.

Between 1997-2014 Frakture activities expanded and became diverse, as represented by its many concerts formats, that explore many sound worlds and ecoustic ecologies as diverse as: the sound of snow falling, through to industrial noise.On some occasions there were tunes and beats

The range of activities

  • The beginning, Frakture launched by Derek Bailey in concert, webpage and flyer
  • followed by 117 Frakture Concerts,
  • Blank Canvas, 49 events and still counting. Still active, the live web page
  • i:Splash gigs, 38 events
  • Frakass Nights, 13 events
  • Frakture Big Band
  • Centrifuge, 49 events Still active, web page
  • Frakture Festival series, 52 concerts in a festival format.
  • acoute, 6 events exploring what the `acoustic` has to offer in a digital age.
  • AV Nights,
  • plus somewhere in this we deliver 22 soundwalks too,
  • special projects such as Alter Pieces All Dayer st St Lukes Church.
  • Voice workshops, 13 sessions.
  • Workshops, 122 sessions
  • 89 `Listening Room sessions` delivered with the help of Roger Parry.


Between 1997 - 2014 generated £100.000 into the economy of free improvisation in Liverpool and to visiting artist resident locally and globally. The support in kind Frakture generated is estimated by Phil Morton to equal this figure of £100,000.00

Social Media

You can still follow Frakture on social media

Frakture on media platforms - video, audio

Note: a high percentage of Frakture events were documented. In the early years using a DAT machine, in the later years minidisks and a zoom H4 Chris Trent, recorded many events on DAT and later transferred the audio to CDr Roger Parry recorded many events on video.

Mailchimp Mailing list - an active Frakture legacy

The Frakture mailing list was taken over by the Improvisers Networks Merseyside in 2014. This is an active mailing list, and represents and shares activities featuring improvisation on Merseyside. Music, dance, Sonic Gaze etc It has over 200 subscribers.

Follow this link to subscribe to this mailing list

The Library of things - an active Frakture legacy

Assets aquired by Frakture between 1997 - 2014 some of which are available to improvisers active in the Merseyside region

The Library of things webpage legacy web page is now a legacy organisation.It was dissolved, downsized in April 2014 on the 1st April just before lunch. many of the former projects of "formats" that made up "" continued as independant, stand alone projects, eg Centrifuge, Blank Canvas.

This will appear within the improvisers networks website. Timeline, to start before April 1st 2018.

More detail to follow. P Morton