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This term, Audiation has been covered by the website Wikipedia as part of "Gordon music learning theory" it does not at present have its own enetry

This mediawiki site, a `wiki dictionary` about the nature and practice of free improvisation declines to duplicate the content of that listing. Below there is an introduction - a simple copy and paste. from Wikipedia then a link to the Wikipedia entry.

Introduction, copied from Wikipedia

Audiation is a term Gordon coined in 1975 to refer to comprehension and internal realization of music, or the sensation of an individual hearing or feeling sound when it is not physically present.[5] Musicians previously used terms such as aural perception or aural imagery to describe this concept, though aural imagery would imply a notational component while audiation does not necessarily do so.[6] Gordon suggests that "audiation is to music what thought is to language."[7] His research is based on similarities between how individuals learn a language and how they learn to make and understand music.[8] Gordon specifies that audiation potential is an element of music aptitude, arguing that to demonstrate music aptitude one must use audiation.[9]

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