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Sheffield J[a]B[a]W 28.01.2020

Upcoming J[a]B[a]W performance at 8pm on Monday 27th January 2019 at Notes and Sounds, University Arms, Brook Hill, Sheffield


J[a]B[a]W  A free improvisational outfit featuring eclectic, hybrid instrumentation and vocalisation, creating an organic mash-up veering from delicate abstraction through insistent sonic curiosity to strident rhythmic statement.

They first met whilst playing with Mick Beck’s large improvising group The Gated Community. They subsequently went to play together as part of several ad hoc line-ups. They are currently all members of The Merseyside Improvisers’ Orchestra (despite all living in Sheffield).

John Jasnoch (guitars, mandolin) bio
Geoff Bright ( voice, soprano and bass saxophones, novelty instruments)
Gillian Whiteley (voice, violin, accordions, recorder, hurdy-gurdy)

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