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Todmorden ; Classwar Karaoke at The Golden Lion, April 16th

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Classwar Karaoke, as ever marked by short sets and maximum variety,

this time offers you, dear audience, six acts, again coming together in one place at one time as one thing, that of An Evening with Classwar Karaoke at The Golden Lion, Todmorden, in West Yorkshire, on Thursday 18th April 2019. All human life will be there. All we need is you / £5 admission .

Quite by chance, an emergent theme for this particular episode is chance itself .... happenstance, serendipity, all things aleatoric ... with each act offering its own unique and complementary take on such approaches. Kicking us off in fine style will be Jumble Hole Clough Oblique Strategies - a new trio formed specifically for this event by Colin Robinson as an arm of his Jumble Hole Clough project, and featuring Richard Knutson and Mark Joel, who, as the project title suggests, will be employing Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies card pack to direct a series of improvisations .... involving, they tell us, audience participation. Gary Fisher follows, with a set that blurs perceived boundaries between such things as composition and improvisation, analogue and digital, the intentional and the accidental, and not without playfulness and humour. Jamil Keating is next, a community worker and theatre maker, who will be sharing a theatrical and intimate mash-up of poetry, prose and pictures. Then comes Mimoids - that ever-changing collective, comprised on this occasion of Emrys Morgan, John Hyatt, Mark Johnson and Anthony Donovan. Expect a strident mix of performance art, voice, soundscapes and film, improvised, as always, at the same time but without direct interaction. Our penultimate act is Winston Plowes, performing 'I is for identity', entailing, he tells us, '...carefully shaped and augmented spoken word, random chance and radiophony to precisely fill a room of this size...'. The evening ends with two solid-gold veterans of the Free Jazz scene, Martin Archer and John Jasnoch - contributing saxophone and any amount and variety of plucked string instruments, respectively. Anything can happen. And it's all about the possibility of anything happening.


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