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Oxford Pleasure and The 9th Sense Beauty 28.02.2020

An evening of contrasting approaches to music improvisation with performances by Oxford Improvisers and Sonic Pleasure.


Curated by Gero Kempf & Mark Browne

Oxford Improvisers – Specially commissioned performance of “The 9th Sense Beauty”: Music that exemplifies the power of improvisation when engaged with some of the principles of Artificial Intelligence. This is a large group performance that resists reduction to the most brutal and simplified procedures, but nurtures the expectation that something uniquely musically beautiful remains to be produced only in the human domain.

Sonic Pleasure (Flute, Bricks, Masonry and metal tools) playing in a trio with Paul Twine (Guitar) and Mark Browne (Saxophone and collected objects). Sonic Pleasure is famed for her unique crafting of sound from bricks and masonry, reducing much of her instrumentation to dust by the end of a concert. She has played and recorded with Derek Bailey (for Incus) and her use of bricks was featured on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. She is the founder of the group Crush!!!.

Event webpage at the host site: http://oxfordimprovisers.com/events/pleasure-and-the-9th-sense-beauty/

More about Sonic Pleasure & Crush!!! :  youtu.be/KNOVJiZrTas crushtime.bandcamp.com/music facebook.com/theSonicP/

Tickets : Standard: £9 | Pay more: £11 | Pay less: £6  buy here

image at OI website

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