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Brighton: Safehouse 29.01.2020

Ivo Perelman, Phil Minton and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg / Jonathan Higgins


Ivo Perelman

Born in 1961 in São Paulo, Brazil, Perelman was a classical guitar prodigy who tried his hand at many other instruments – including cello, clarinet, and trombone – before gravitating to the tenor saxophone. His initial heroes were the cool jazz saxophonists Stan Getz and Paul Desmond. But although these artists’ romantic bent still shapes Perelman’s voluptuous improvisations, it would be hard to find their direct influence in the fiery, galvanic, iconoclastic solos that have become his trademark.

“Perelman is one of the great saxophone virtuosi and exponents of spontaneous composition to have emerged in the past three decades.” –Jazzwise

“Sax extraordinaire Ivo Perelman is one of the most advanced living practitioners of the tenor saxophone…the Brazilian-born sax master’s ability to create out of thin air has few if any peers.” – Something Else

Phil Minton

For most of the last forty years, Minton has been working as an improvising vocalist. Numerous composers have written music especially for his extended vocal techniques. He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher, and ongoing duos, trios and quartets with above and many other musicians.

Since the 80s, his Feral Choir, in which he voice-conducts workshops and concerts, has performed in over twenty countries.

“Phil Minton is best known for his startling vocal improvisations. On his new solo CD, this sensible looking man proffers 37 thin slices of his unfettered soul. Not long ago these croaks, burps, high-pitched exhalations, deep-throated drones and shreds of garbled half-language would have seen Minton either burnt or hailed as an emissary of God.” – Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times

Jean Michel Van Schouwburg is an improvising singer from Belgium. He is well versed in all sorts of vocalising: throat singing, overtones, yodels, mouth sounds, falsettos, multiphonics, invented languages to name a few.

Jonathan Higgins

Jonathan Higgins is a sound artist and performer based in London who focuses on finding different ways of utilising noise to create music. Frustrated with the limitations of conventional digital DJ equipment Jonathan modified CD players to uncover a world of noise usually hidden within the circuitry. For the past year he has been performing ‘glitch turntablism’ with a setup of three hacked Sony Discman players and a cheap DJ mixer.

Wildcard Quartet


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 About safehouse

Safehouse Brighton is a collective that hosts two separate nights that focus on improvised and experimental music: Safehouse, on the first Wednesday of every month, and On The Edge, on the last.

Safehouse is a regular open session, which is open to all musicians of all levels to improvise, sonically, in a conversational way. We have been using a format in which participants are picked out to be put into a small group that improvises for 10 minutes or so, while the remaining musicians act as audience, then the next group is formed and so on.

On The Edge is a regular performance night, where we bring in better-known and sometimes out-of-town musicians and groups who have an emphasis on improvisation in their work. We try to precede the headliner with an established, local musician or group. The night is opened with the Wildcard Quartet, which is made up of names that have been picked out of a hat at the preceding Safehouse open session.

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