Thursday, October 28, 2021
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When was the last time you went somewhere just to hear the sounds?

The atmosphere of a place is created by sounds as well as vision.
Sounds are not usually static but come as events in time.
How often do you pay attention to this?
How does this affect our response to place?

Whether experienced as a private meditation or as collective silence SOUNDWALKS will refresh your ears and reset your sensual awareness of where you live, work or visit.

A ‘soundwalk’ is a practice: it is walking without talking, focusing on the sound around, focusing on the present moment. In a `Sonic Gaze` session, the participants are static, though the sounds could be mobile. Talking might come later.

The Listening Room: Sonic Gaze is facilitated by Phil Morton & Robin Hartwell

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 This session has Lime Street Station as the starting point.
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framework radio

28 October 2021

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen framework radio
  • #774: 2021.10.24 [ian rawes]
    we learned this week with great sadness of the passing of ian rawes, sonic enthusiast and single-handed creator/curator/producer of the london sound survey; a charismatic fantastic speaker, generous soul, and good friend of the program. he will be greatly, greatly missed, and we dedicate this program to his life, his work and his memory. our thoughts go out to those closer to him than we were.
  • #773: 2021.10.17 [andy armstrong]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced by andy armstrong. for more of his work see producer's notes: I have been saving phone recordings (nature, city, gigs, conversations, oddities, etc.) for years and always knew I wanted to put them together somehow. They could potentially make for an interesting 57 mins. As you might expect, they aren't necessarily hi-fi. I've taken some time to listen to what I have, and found some collaborators/contributions at the same time.
  • #772: 2021.10.10
    autumn colors and temperatures have arrived bringing with them autumn sounds - peter wullen and sophia emmanouilidou (we're sure we didn't pronounce your name correctly on the air, and for that we apologise) bring us new soundscape works, while silvain vanot and pierre-yves macé improvise with the streets of paris, and joan schuman gives us a wooly, dreamy radiophonic work. meanwhile the aporee soundmaps take us to poland, germany, the uk and lithuania.
  • #771: 2021.10.03 [joão castro pinto]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced in portugal by joão castro pinto. producer's notes: This radio show is divided in 3 sections, the first dedicated to phonographic and environmental composers, the second to the electroacoustic music composers and the last to experimental composers / performers “freely” working with field recordings. The main purpose of this program is to present an itinerary of different possibilities of composing with field recordings, from the more mimetic to the more abstract points of view, ideally demonstrating that there are distinct approaches to soundscape composition and that the World Soundscape Project is just one of multiple ways to understand and artistically figuring the soundscape. [...
  • #770: 2021.09.26
    autumn is here! the chill has settled on framework HQ, although we begin this program with a wintery intro, proceed intro tropical rainforests, move onto the water, and take in the smell of passing time. nothing else to add really - enjoy the leaves!