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19 September 2019

phonography ::: field recording ::: the art of sound-hunting ::: open your ears and listen
  • #686: 2019.09.15
    greetings, fair listeners, we are back! we had a great month off, resting our ears (hard to do in a house with two small children), perfecting our pizza recipe (the right flour is the key), and spending as much time in the forest mushroom-hunting as possible. but now there's a chill in the air, the first fires of autumn have been lit, and we are back in the studio. [...]
  • #685: 2019.07.28
    july 18th was world listening day - in this edition we listen to a few of the recordings uploaded to the aporee soundmaps WLD2019 project, and we hear an introduction recorded on that day as well. meanwhile we finally had a chance to check out david rothenberg's 2-disc release on gruenrekorder, nightingale cities, featuring his signature improvisations with wildlife - this time, as you might have guessed, with nightingales, in berlin and helsinki. we also heard a sample from absolute value of noise's outdoor solar powered generative radio station, which "tries to recreate the sounds of life in its immediate environment - imitating the sounds of insects, birds, frogs, magnetic phenomena, the wind moving through the trees, rain falling, and waves on the ocean." you can listen live (during canadian daylight hours) at the link below in the playlist. also some historical concrete composition by greek composer myrielle kyrou, a live performance recording by bana haffar, and a composition commissioned by this year's radiophrenia festival by kate carr.
  • #684: 2019.07.21 [john wanzel]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by john wanzel. 'in motion', is a new sound collage made specifically for framework:afield that featuring field and foley recordings, voice, computer-based polyphonic synthesization, and digital audio manipulation. The broadcast re-mixes segments from the Blind Spot radio program with sonic material from the stopGOstop podcast, recontextualizing and filtering the audio to emphasize and articulate the cause and effect of motion.
  • #683: 2019.07.14
    i think everything in this edition is available is available as a download, and some as physical releases as well - i guess we're nearing the point where i don't need to say that anymore, and soon enough it will be assumed that all releases are also available in virtual form. are we there already? mark vernon's latest work is the most format-specific here, released on cassette, and composed from the sounds of found cassettes corroded by sea and sand at an abandoned holiday resort. kayaka's virtual-only release, constructed from field recordings, harp, synth and spoken word, makes a good companion to mark's rusty sounds, and sala's 'natural' drone from a lithuanian forest, contributed to the aporee soundmaps, provides a soothing contrast. also along for the ride are a few more of biodiversita's soundscapes, concrete compositions from sophie delafontaine, and a framework introduction recorded for us in sweden by longtime listener and contributor anders östberg.
  • #682: 2019.07.07 [aural tectonics]
    The following broadcast contains a sequence of binaural ambiences culled from The Hague's urban environment. The piece forms an interlinked trajectory from The Hague Central Station to the Scheveningen coast, creating a meandering aural section through the cities urban ambiences. Each zone along the trajectory is explored by an individual recordist reacting upon the inherent qualities of their site. The resulting work reveals not only a range of atmospheres but also a polyphony of auditory approaches to urban sounding. [...]