Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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The library of things: Hardware : Improvisers Networks - Merseyside

 The library of things: Hardware : Improvisers Networks - Merseyside

The items listed here were sourced and provided by Frakture.org, it is a legacy, these items are available for use by those who participate or are involved in the events listed in the portal: improvisers networks Merseyside.
It is a library of objects, things, and yes some books too.
The criteria set for using the library of things has not yet been finalised, try asking.

  1. 2 x Genelec 1029a Speakers
  2. 1 x Mixing desk: Spirit Folio by Soundcraft; F1 14 inputs 2 Bus
    • Link to PDF Manual [Click here - link to follow]
  3. 2 x Sure SM58 vocal microphones, stands & cables [performance microphones]
    • Sure SM58 manual, info here- link to follow
  4. 1 x Tascam DA-P1 professional portable DAT machine
    • Link to DA-P1 manual [Click here-link to follow]
    • Link to support website: [Click here]
  5. 1 x Zoom H4 portable flash card recorder / .wav & mp3 formats.[ more info here -link to follow]
  6. 2 x Octava microphone sets ( each with 3 heads), cables, stand and stereo bar
    • [recording microphones] [ more info here-link to follow]
  7. PC, quiet with Audiophile 2496 "professional" sound card. SPDIF digital in & out
  8. Archives : Lists available for inspection, on request.
    1. DAT recordings and CDr transfers since 1997;
    2. Artist CD submissions since 1997,
    3. VHS & DVD material
    4. Books & text material

Currently these items are only for use during Blank Canvas (formerly Frakture) events and by Blank Canvas Staff.
Items are being considered to be made available for "members" of the `improvisers networks - merseyside` to hire.

To use this service, the library of things` the following criteria is currently being applied or taken into account, these are not absolute values.

  1. You have registered with the improvisers networks online website
  2. You upload articles, event listings to the site (as appropriate)
  3. You share information to the `newsletter` - improvisers networks merseyside.
  4. As an artist, musician, improviser you participate in local events listed at the website.
  5. A deposit, or fee maybe be required to use some of the items listed in the `library of things`


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
mobile: Phil Morton 07999518582

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