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Experimental Sound Art Workshops London

Experimental Sound Art Workshops London

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Invent, create, play! This course will allow you to explore sound as an art form using instruments, found objects, voice, recordings and technology. The emphasis will be on exploration and experimentation. You will also learn about the history, key artists and movements associated with sound as an art form. Each term focuses on a different aspect, leading to an individual project and the opportunity to take part in a public event or exhibition.

Who is this course for

This course is open to people with any level of knowledge and experience. An interest in sound, experimental music, performance or contemporary art would be useful. Previous musical experience is not required, but neither is it a disadvantage.

What does this course cover

This is a practical course on which you will explore a range of skills and techniques. You will learn about important sound artists and experimental musicians, and their influence and methods. The course explores ways of listening to, appreciating and analysing experimental music and sound art. You will review and critique your own work to develop your Sound Art practice.

What will it be like

Every session includes experimentation with different sound making, recording or manipulating techniques. You will make music and sound in different groups and individually, using different compositional and improvisatory methods. You will evaluate your own work and others in the group, listening back to pieces and discussing them. There will also be regular individual tutorials throughout the course for feedback from the tutor.

What else do you need to buy or do

All equipment and materials will be provided: you don't need to buy anything but there will be opportunities for you to use your own equipment and instruments too. There will be advice on cheap to buy or make equipment for you to start building a collection of sound making instruments. There is no set homework but plenty of recommendations for further research through reading and listening, and of course practising sound making and experimenting in your own time.
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