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Sonic Gaze Media intro & invitation

Introduction and invitation to propose a media inclusion.



A new section for the site, launched in February 2018
Documentaries, conversation, and testimonies on the subject matter of the that is Acoustic Ecology, Soundwalks, Sonic Gaze (Merseyside) projects and site-specific sound art. 

At the bottom of the pages in this section, you will notice that it is possible to comment but only if you are registered and logged in. The comments likewise can only be viewed by those who are registered and are logged in.

You are invited to share suggestions for this section, this can be achieved by completing the form below.
All media content formats can be processed by the Joomla system that manages this site, youtube, Vimeo. SoundCloud. etc
A .pdf plugin will soon be available for the display of articles.

Make your suggestion via the form.


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