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Amplified Gesture: Summary

Amplified Gesture, an introduction to free improvisation, a clip

Samadhisound presents Amplified Gesture, an introduction to free improvisation: practitioners and their philosophy.

A trailer for Amplified Gesture can be viewed on this page. The full-length feature documentary is available as a part of the Manafon deluxe edition.

Directed and edited by: Phil Hopkins. With: Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Christian Fennesz, Keith Rowe, Eddie Prévost, Sachiko M., Evan Parker, John Tilbury, Werner Dafeldecker, Michael Moser and John Butcher.

Produced by: Adrian Molloy for Opium (Arts) Ltd. Executive Producer: David Sylvian. Music: Excerpts from Manafon by David Sylvian, © 2009 Samadhisound llc. 
All rights reserved.


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