Notes on he fourth session of Blank Canvas online

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Notes on he fourth session of Blank Canvas online

Post by hartwell » Thu May 28, 2020 2:11 pm

Notes on Blank Canvas On line session 27 May 2020

Pleasingly, there appeared to be no glitches in the running of the session.
Fingers crossed for the future. The event even ran to time, which feels like a miracle!

There were eight players, RH as observer and an audience member.

The setting of levels took less than twenty minutes. It may be that this will get quicker as time goes on. This was done by having someone play, RH took a view as to how loud it was, and others confirmed the eventual level was acceptable. No alterations to the levels were made in the course of the sessions.

No recordings were made.

RH notes that the sound is in mono and this make separating sounds and players out hard. However, he notes that differing acoustics can help in this. This was noticeable when artificial reveb was used (then this part separated out) or with the different acoustics of the rooms.

There were 4 sets with 5, 5, 6, 6, players.

Rh notes that more than 4 players at a time makes the sound difficult to disentangle. Though it has to be said his speakers are very low grade, which will not help.

There was a final session of 8 players. RH noted there was a shot at a fuller busier sound near the beginning by the players and that the medium did not seem to favour this.

People seemed to have a good time. RH had many enjoyable moments in the evening’s playing.

There is a questionnaire available on how people find the on-line experience which if it gets filled in by players should be useful as an indication of where to take the sessions in future.

Options mooted since this fourth session include:
Duos free play no clocks;
Trios 25 % tacet 75% play;
Sextets 60% tacet 40% play.

RH 28/05/2020

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