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Zoom sound level checking

Post by Phil Morton » Wed May 13, 2020 9:06 am

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Sound level checking and balancing of participant sound during a telematic event on zoom or elsewhere?

This is all speculation.

Over view of this proposal
  1. To introduce a sound, a fixed sound, with fixed parameters, that is produced by a computer file and is independent. The reference sound is not played by a human using a musical instrument.
  2. All balance checks, by the participating improvisers are done against the same sound source
  3. The reference sound is not part of the event.
  4. The reference sound is supplied via zoom by a person not involved in with participants for whose benefit this sound check is for.
  5. Sound file source: An audio file on a digital device. It is not live playing of an instrument by an improviser or participant.
  6. Example - improvisers online has a 5 minute mp3 file produced in the software audacity using the generate option.
NUMBERS: The process involves the following elements:
  • 1 person produces the sound,
  • 2 or more improvisers deliver musical content into the zoom.us platform, which will include to reference sound.
  • 1 (or more?) attentive listeners make judgements calls to the individual improvisers to; raise their volume levels, lower their volume levels, or sign off the current volume levels are satisfactory. HOW IS THIS TO BE COMMUNICATED IN REAL TIME

Like listening to an orchestra tuning up against an oboe (?)

Concepts and facts:
  • one/every person has one and the same reference sound to balance against.
  • The balancing may remain subjective.
  • I balance against a sound source. or directed: I am told to turn up by a listener .
  • The person supplying the reference sound, recieves the group sound produced by the improvisers minus the reference sound, therefore this person cannot have a point of listening and advice the participants, this is done by another person.
  • Too many variables, and independent systems may disable the concept of a fixed methodology. On this topic we will just have to suck it and see, if the proposal noted here helps.
  • Knowledge gap: One person needs to know how to supply an `audio file/computer sound` direct into the zoom.us platform, The reference tone is not supplied indirectly via a microphone feed into a digital device and then onto the zoo.us platform mix. The reference sound is sent direct to the mix.
  • The perceived tendency of human beings to not read the manual and preferring to make things up as they go along. Then to blame the system when it does not work.

The awareness of the zoom,us advanced settings dialogue box for `sound`.

  • The use of the word sound maybe non-specific.
  • When do we use the term volume instead of sound? is volume the correct word.
  • A word is required for the role of supplying the reference sound feed
  • a word is required for the listeners making the judgement call on levels
An example of a fixed sound to be used for the sound balancing process

Zoom advanced audio settings on youtube

Notes on sharing screen option that is the route for the reference sound

Top tip : To enlarge the video, select view on YouTube option. Stop the video at approx 23 seconds, when the narrator is in the advanced section, and note the option to share computer sound (note the main image upper middle and the tick box option lower right)
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