Using headphones in a telematic context - zoom or otherwise

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Using headphones in a telematic context - zoom or otherwise

Post by Phil Morton » Mon May 11, 2020 7:17 am

Here are the notes on `headphones` from the checklist for the 50:50 Online Blank Canvas Live
Participants might need or use: headphones. Small bud type headphones are not recommended, larger enclosed professional headphones might work, but this needs research and experience.
The starting point was not to use headphones, but the evidence for this was weak and the sample size small: 1 person.
In the absence of feedback from improvisers, using headphones in a `telematic context` on or otherwise, Phil Morton speculates
  • Not a good idea to use very small `in ear bud headphones` or ear pieces
  • The high the quality of the headphones, the better the experience.
  • There maybe a correlation between the quality of the experience of `playing a live instrument` in a telematic context whilst simultaneously listen to the ensemble sound via headphones specific to the instrument being played. It maybe a variable to be considered.
  • Observations on YouTube will demonstrate that high performance (?) ensembles in studios, and orchestras playing live use headphones. It is not known what they are listening to, what are they listening to? Audio or click tracks? Feedback appreciated.
  • To be considered: the use of one piece headsets.

    Action: To do:
    1. Feedback required from improvisers
    2. Test the method: simply organise a session where, when everyone uses headphones
    3. Question: In the picture below, what is the musician listening to! Given it is factual we do not know, what is to be speculated?
    Image of studio musician using headphones

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