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Due to the pandemic situation and the lack of professional perspective, i'm organizing private virtual masterclass. Please, fell free to share the infos to all the people or institutions that could be interested. Many thanks !



Auki: Do we use games to play music or music to play games?

Hullabaloo Improvisation Orchestra – 7.30pm - 10.00 pm (3rd Tuesday of every month). £5 entry
It is unclear whether this is a live project or not

Looking for a chance to sing for the first time or rekindle your love of singing?

The Noise Upstairs will be running a free-improv and experimental music jam night upstairs at The Golden Lion in Todmorden. Perfect, right?

What happens at a Safehouse Open Session?

OVERLAPS is an evening of freely improvised music, in Edinburgh Scotland.

Submit a workshop piece or exercise for inclusion in this section of the website via the form below 


A support group for `improvisers` and educationalists who deliver workshops, educational sessions, researching  exploring the nature and practice of free ensemble improvisations in music made without prior preparation

Not an organisation as such, this group's function is to support individuals working in this area of music or sound art.


Topics are

  • Session designs and exercises.
  • Session types or categories.
  • Finding participants
  • Sustainability and legacy.
  • Funding sources, how to apply for funding, life without funding
  • Developing relationships with third parties, for example, educational establishments and music departments, `art centres`, community centres etc
  • To develop an online resource with the improvisers' networks website that supports the work of individuals or the development of the area of work.
  • Threats and obstacles.

Channels of communication

  • The proposed primary communication channel is zoom
  • Frequency - every six weeks or as decided.
  • Other options or support tools are available,
  • The geography of the support group is - from local to global, from Wales to New South Wales.
  • The language of the support group is - English 


Home location*
Area of interest: Session design, leadership skills, funding. Note be aware that below there is an option to upload a CV:*
About you, upload a file: a CV
Word Verification:


Maggie Nicols and other musicians at a Gathering at her house in Wales.

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