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Blank Canvas - The Groups

Groups who have appeared at Blank Canvas

leopard In my Bedroom, Johny Hunter Qtet, Deep Clutter, Simpson | Harrison Duo, Stuckometer,
[d]-FEKT, AMPHIBOLOUS, Graculus, id of Mobious, Graculus, Hanslip / Lash / marks, Alex Charles, goldilocks axe murder, Leopard in my Bedroom, Abigail Sanders Solo, Kipple, Jon Davies Solo, Aht-n, YALDABAOTH, Robert Curvingen & Katrin, Chris Cundy Solo, Gareth Bibby Solo, Mick Beck Trio, Splash Gig Nos 34, Roger Parry Memorial Event, SJ & Bonehouse, Margrit Rieben, John Bisset video, Fraktal, Birchall and Marks, Fraktal, YMMV, Noise Research + Richard Knight ,

Full range of archive pages, YouTube clips, Soundcloud links, gallery slide shows will appears here before May 1st 2018..
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