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Relational Functions

The intent to create CONTENT through specific role relationships among "voices." (RF is the intent; the listener's perception of this intent is termed Composites.) Two important qualifications need to be made here: First, although there is a somewhat psychic component within group improvisation, the improvisers, each one of them, individually act to create relationships with the others in the group. The individual's attention incorporates both self and group; it is hopefully not "split" or divided, but rather simultaneous. Second, in free improvisation, particularly group improvisation, intention is one thing and result is another; though they may be the same, they are certainly not always. For this reason, the "role" an improviser plays is described both in terms of intention (Relational Functions) and the result of perception (Composites). When a relationship intended by one improviser is misinterpreted by another, this could be considered a miscommunication, or a "mistake." However, mistakes (or miscommunications) can be contextualized, and the perception or interpretation of the intention becomes a reality for the improviser(s) to deal with. T Nunn 1998

Seven principal Relational Functions are now defined as Solo, Support, Ground, Dialogue, Catalyst, Sound Mass and Interpolation.



Source, reference T Nunn, The Wisdom of impulse part one page 26, site link

Secend Source or reference, in this document Harald Stenström, discuss T Nunn's `relational functions`
Free Ensemble Improvisation, Harald Stenström
Academy of Music and Drama, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg
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