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The project, `free improvisation made with` project, launched in January 2019, sets out to present examples of `free improvisation in performance` filtered by key words (usually instruments) or concepts.

Examples will be `made with the voice` - `made with the trumpet` - made with the double bass` - `made with objects`. Refer to the menu to find the categories, the navigation is Main menu > resources > made with > click made with to view the sub-category lists

This section, display is the starting point of the project and currently features material from the sub-sections of this project.

The examples, and the support material will feature the entity in the description as a soloist, in a duo, that is highly featured and if in a ensemble context to be in the foreground of the audio presentation. To be featured.

The sections will grow and also feature other resources and support documentation, e.g. articles, reading materials etc.

This project needs support, and individuals to do the work,individuals to do the evaluation of what is included and what is not. Please contact us if this could be you.

P Morton January 2019.

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