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Mick Beck - Full Improv Music Documentary. Sheffield free improv scene.

Now available! - The Mick Beck documentary full film.

This unique film filmed and produced by Jonny Drury premiered at a full Showroom Cinema in January 2013. Now available as a DVD by Freenoise Films (2013) DVD - PAL 16:9 Widescreen. Bonus footage and audio on DVD - available to buy at Discus Music online https://discus-music.co.uk/catalogue-mobile/dvd1-detail

Mick is one of the world's best virtuoso tenor sax and bassoon players. He began free improvising in the hotbed of 1980's London jazz scene, citing Sonny Rollins and Eric Dolphy as his main influences in the genre. Moving to Sheffield in the 1990's he met and played with Derek Bailey and through to 2004 was one of the lead organisers of Sheffield's Other Music, a bastion of the UK 's free music scene for 22 years.

In this revealing documentary Mick is interviewed about his personal and public musical life, from childhood to present day. The film includes much live footage, recordings and photographs from the last few years, demonstrating truly exceptional diversity. New interviews with a number of Mick's contemporaries in Sheffield bolster the view that Mick is at the centre of the dynamic powerhouse of spontaneous composing. The film is a fast paced and fun yet deeply revealing foray into a most misunderstood form of creative expression, known as free music.

Sorry about the last few seconds getting cut, this was unintentional apparently due to a coding error. You'll have to buy the DVD to find out what happens! ; )

This DVD contains material right up to 2013. Mick Beck’s incredible musical output goes from strength to strength!

On the DVD you get over 80 minutes documentary footage as above plus... An extra interview revealing an even deeper side to Mick. Tunes Ahoy Quartet footage Beck & The Hunters live at the premiere screening Life Echoes CD - 3 tracks! + 1 HR LIVE AUDIO SET with Chris Corsano & others

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