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The Blank Canvas Ensemble - Liverpool - needs improvisers

The Blank Canvas Enesmble  - Liverpool


An introduction

The Blank Canvas Ensemble - Liverpool is the house band for the Blank Canvas Concert series, which is a legacy of the Frakture Organisation.
The Blank Canvas Ensemble - Liverpool - will play "free improvised music"  using the music system, "System 50:50" .
For more information "System 50:50" click here
There is no short term aim to explore contemporary compositional methods, e.g. Conduction, Cobra, graphic scores.

Frequency: The concerts schedule when this ensemble-Liverpool was launched was bi-monthly, the trend was towards monthly then the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. It is being relaunched in 2022, COVID-19 permitting regular sessions can be expected.

To join

There is no formal audition. New members are required to attend one performance as a member of the audience, then we have a discussion.
To express an interest, simply visit the registration tab dispalyed within this artcile, and follow actions expressed in the text.

The Players

Here is a list of musicians who may currently appear in and with the Blank Canvas Ensemble - Liverpool, . 

  • IAN SIMPSON, guitar
  • PAUL PIGNON [ Stockholm! ]
  • MARTIN HACKETT [ Oxford improvisers ]
  • PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments
  • CLAYTON JACKSON, (Lancaster) electronics
  • PETER JONES, guitar
  • TIM WISE, reeds, Salford.
  • SIMON ROSS, Turntables, Macclesfield.
  • ALEX SCOTT, trombone,

Lapsed or floating members of the Ensemble - Liverpool: Julia Cadman, John Pearson, Adam Roberts, Yashashwi Sharma, Kristina Warren ( returned to the USA), PHIL LUCKING, trumpets, PHIL HARGREAVES, RICHARD HARDING, guitar, DAVID CANTER, bass clarinet, ROB THORPE, guitar (Manchester), ANDREW LESLIE HOOKER, no input mixer (Pandy Tudor)


Some feedback on `System 50:50` froma participant

On system 50:50 “Definitely something with LOADS of possibilities - the reaction in the car driving back was unbelievably positive - no one could remember playing in a large ensemble that was so "open". The openness allowed me to play quietly, which meant the dynamics were incredible for an improvising large ensemble.” - Charlie Collins Sheffield


System 50/50 works well - it’s a really good way to get a group to play effectively without egos , virtuosity , and shyness getting in the way. It is democratic, inclusive. coherent, leaderless, focused, there is room to think and time to listen, choices. It is less competitive more cooperative. Ends well Simon Ross (Macclesfield), Blank Canvas Sextet - Liverpool

To express an interest, to request more information, to communicate, please go to the tab above called registratin and complete the form therein.

Phil Morton

Change of name

NOTE - This ensemble was previously called `The Blank Canvas Octet` but during the pandemic the ensemble met `online` on zoom. The membership changed. The ensemble now has a different identity to the Liverpool based ensemble. Phil Morton decided to change the name of the Liverpool based enemble `sextet`. and now it is The Blank Canvas Ensemble - Liverpool!! simples!

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