50:50 Online LIVE questionaire 1 How’s it been so far

Would you please share your experiences on 50:50 on-line?



The questionaire aims to help get things working as smooth as possible for the future.

The questionnaire’s main task is to try and get a picture of how people feel about the technology, which is the new element. How this works will affect how good the sessions will be in the future. Also, it would be good to have a simple procedure for newcomers based on our experiences.

This should take less than ten minutes. There will be things which we have missed in drawing up the questions, so any additional observations are greatly welcomed.

This information will be very useful for the next steps.

Only you have these experiences!

Please do this!

Robin Hartwell & Phil Morton

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1. Do you find the sound of the ensemble sometimes becomes too dense and overloaded*
2 How comfortable are you in getting your own sound balanced against the sound you are hearing?:*
3i. How easy do you find it to hear and follow the sound of the rest of the ensemble?:*
3ii. Do you find it easier to follow when you watch the other payers on the screen? :*
4 How comfortable are you in how you think your sound is being heard by others?:*
5 Do you think softer sounds are being filtered out by Zoom?:*
6. Have you noticed anything odd about the way Zoom balances sound?*
7. Have you had any trouble with echo and feedback in Zoom?:*
8i. Are you using an external microphone or the internal mic of the computer?:*
8ii Have you used an audio interface?:*
8iii. Have you ever changed the Zoom settings to remove the automatic mic volume setting?:*
8iv. Have you ever gone into the advanced settings in Zoom to “Enable Original Sound”?*
9.i. Have you used headphones or ear pieces?:*
9.ii If you have, do the headphones have just the Zoom sound of others, or are you also going through these?:*
9.iii If you are listening to the Zoom sound through loudspeakers, have you been careful to try and keep this sound out of your microphone? :*
9.iv If yes, can you say what you do?: In the text box or upload a document via the facility at the end of the form.
10. Have you found some sounds or instruments are easier to use on-line than others?:*
If the answer to 10 is yes expand a little bit more here:
11. Have you found 50-50 on-line worthwhile to do?:*
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