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Birmingham Fizzle Winter - Spring 2020 Programme


Coming up at Fizzle: 


Lamp Tavern Tuesday gigs: 7:30pm | £7/5

Lamp Tavern Sunday gigs: 2:30pm | £7/5

Hexagon gigs: 8pm | £11/8.50/6

Eastside Jazz Club gigs: 6:30pm | £15/12


Thursday 9th January, 6:30pm – Eastside Jazz Club

Paul Dunmall Invitation Series

Paul Dunmall – saxophone

John O’Gallagher – saxophone

Percy Pursglove – trumpet

Chris Mapp – bass

Miles Levin – drums


Tuesday 14th January, 7:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Chris Mapp – bass/electronics

Rachel Musson – saxophone

Mark Sanders – drums

Hannah Marshall – cello

Rachel Musson – saxophone

Julie Kjaer – flute


Thursday 23rd January, 8pm – mac

Tom Rainey Trio

Tom Rainey – drums

Mary Halvorson – guitar

Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone


Sunday 2nd February, 2pm – Claptrap, Stourbridge

Percy Pursglove – trumpet

Paul Dunmall – saxophone

Olie Brice – bass

Jeff Williams – drums


Waste Paper Opera Company


Words for IoN (Richard Bruce Clay curates)


Thursday 6th February, 6:30pm – Eastside Jazz Club

Paul Dunmall Invitation Series

Paul Dunmall – saxophone

Liam Noble – piano

John Edwards – bass

Mark Sanders – drums


Tuesday 18th February, 7:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Guest Curators: Lee Griffiths and Olivia Murphy



Thursday 20th February, 8pm – mac

Trevor Watts – saxophone

Veryan Weston – piano

Alison Blunt – violin

Hannah Marshall – cello




Thursday 5th March, 6:30pm – Eastside Jazz Club

Paul Dunmall Invites

The Sunship Quartet  

Paul Dunmall – saxophone

Howard Cottle – saxophone

Olie Brice – bass

Tony Bianco – drums



Sunday 8th March, 2:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Jazz Connectives at Fizzle:

Backspace Trio

Zbigniew Chojnacki – accordion/electronics

Łukasz Czekała – electric violin/electronics

John Derek Bishop – electronics



Marek Pospieszalski – saxophone

Qba Janicki – drums

Kim Macari – trumpet

Olie Brice – bass

Andrew Woodhead – piano


Tuesday 17th March, 7:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Bruce Coates – saxophone

Sarah Farmer – violin

Walt Shaw – percussion

Lee Boyd Allatson – drums


Han Earl Park – guitar (solo)


Sunday 29th March, 2:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Mark Hanslip – saxophone

Emil Karlsen – drums

Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet

Cath Roberts – saxophone


Thursday 2nd April, 6:30pm – Eastside Jazz Club

Paul Dunmall Invitation Series


Tuesday 7th April, 7:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Alicia Gardener-Trejo – saxophone

Andrew Woodhead – piano

Tom Mills – theremin


Thursday 16th April – Attic Brewery (TBC)

Fizzle/Flatpack/Artefact present…

Improvisation and Film


Sunday 26th April, 2:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Mick Beck – bassoon

Paul Hession – drums

Seth Bennett – bass


Shirley Smart – cello

James Arben – saxophone


Wednesday 6th May – Polish Centre (TBC)

Fizzle/Flatpack present…

Improvisation and Polish Cinema


Tuesday 12th May, 7:30pm – The Lamp Tavern

Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin with Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies. e-harp

Harald Kimmig, violin

Daniel Studer, bass

Alfred Zimmerlin, cello


Sunday 24th May, 2pm – The Lamp Tavern

Dominic Lash – bass

Alex Ward – clarinet/guitar

Dag Eric Knedal Anderson – drums


Richard Scott – viola/mandolin (solo)


Friday 29th May, 8pm – mac 

Richard Foote Quintet

Richard Foote – trombone

Kieran McLeod – trombone

Andrew Woodhead – piano

Olie Brice – bass

Andrew Bain – drums

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