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Hello, on April 1st 11.00 am 2014 frakture or frakture.org was dissolved, or downsized.

Frakture's previous activity may or may not remain but will now be delivered within a new structure referred to as The Improvisers's Network - Mersyside,

Phil Morton's proposal, in short, is, Frakture's previous, numerous activities are to be seperated and run as singular activities.

The Frakure name may carry on, the archive will migrate to the network site.
t took 15 years to build Frakture.org, this re-shaping will not take 15 years, but it will not happen in a day.

The name will carry on, for sure, as "we can celebrate" Fraktures' achievements, golden moments, the people, the music, the sounds.

Lotta continua, phil morton, May 2014

Update March 2019

A frakture.org archive will slowly appear here, it may take a year to do justice to that.

Legacy - Phil Morton writes, most of Frakture's activities still contniue today, they no longer use the `Frakture` name. The Blank Canvas concert series and is close to the original `music space, music club` concept outlined by Phil Hargreaves in 1998. Blank Canvas concert series was managed by the Frakture Concert team until that dissolved in 2014. It continues today. more on this to follow, if you want a gig at blank canvas go to this form

Frakture - archive pages, follow this link

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