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A site presentation launched January 2018 by Phillip Morton.Page layout and design, yes needs to be improved, this delivers ones of the projects core remits, the sharing of ideas and the debate

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Reminder: The specific topic and identity is free ensemble improvisation

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No Sound is Innocent:AMM and the Practice of Self-Invention:
Burkhard Beins, Christian Kesten, Gisela Nauck, Andrea Neumann (Hg./eds.)echtzeitmusik berlinselbstbestimmung…
It is good to be perverse, especially in the Tate.…
booksFree Ensemble Improvisation, Harald StenströmAcademy of Music and DramaFaculty of…
Background Noise, Perspectives on Sound Art
How to Know - Spirit Music - Crazy Wisdom, Shamanism…
Free Jazz Collective - book section, has a list of books…
booksA Listener's Guide To Free Improvisation 
Derek Bailey was at the top of his profession as…
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