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Improvisers upload your event or article to the site - no coding or need to register

To upload an article to the site please use the form below

It maybe: an event, a video,  an article about a specific subject, it maybe local or global, there are spaces and places throughout the site to host content on a wide range of topics.


No coding knowledge required.

Please complete the very simple form below, and your event will be uploaded to the network site within 1-7 days.

Geography : From local to global, from Wales to New South Wales! - access all areas

Platforms: Music, dance, cross platform etc - driven by free improvisation and related practices

Topics: Events, video links, interview links, documents, thesis,

Other considerations

  • You will receive email verification that the form has worked, plus an on screen display
  • It should be live within 1-7 days, with the average being one day.
  • Be aware the project is managed and operated by volunteers

To add your event to the website, complete the form below.
Genre, free improvisation in music and associated practices

Your Name - both boxes need to be completed:*
Title of the document, or the event as it may appear on the site*
Upload a document that contains all the details the site needs : formats, txt, rtf, doc. docx, odt*
Upload a image, landscape prefered: jpg, jpeg, png only. Preferred image size 600x400 @ 72 dpi*
Comments, suggestions, further information and feedback:
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