50:50 Online is a System 50:50 project.

50:50 Online is a System 50:50 project.



It is an `on-line project` or telematic project,  alternatively it simply uses the internet to share and exchange content that over time is collated into one finshed sound file of musical content. It is a collaborative project for improvisers who are at a distance from each other,  their actions may or may not be synchronised in real time. The participants employ System 50:50 during the improvisations.

There are two categories to 50:50 online, Sound-on-sound & 50:50 Live Online

  1. Sound-on-sound is a process involving the sharing of sound files, to assemble the files in layers, aka multitrack, to produce one output of a stereo two track audio piece of music. The files are shared via the web application `we transfer`
  2. 50:50 Online - live is a `telematic` project, that is a live performance in real time streamed online. The web application `zoom` is being trialled for this purpose.

Want to know more?

There are two options,

  1. Follow the link below and this will take you to the project document, select the following from the idndex of contents, 50:50 Online and (Proposed) 50:50 online ensembles.
  2. Complete the form to be found in the tab `registration`  and put the `50:50 online projects ` in the appropriate from-field.

Phil Morton : Liverpool:UK April 2020

Project Document


google drive image 01 275 183 Click the image and follow the link. This will take you to the project document for System 50:50.

Click `50:50 Online` in the index of contents.




recInterested, complete the form below, and put the `50:50 online projects ` in the appropriate from-field.


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